Shaykh Nazim Sayings


Shaykh Nazim Sayings #1

In the name of Allah the Almighty, the Most Kind, the Most Merciful

Maulana’s advice:

1. Keep the five prayers. for the new people two rakaat a day at least. Not one day should pass without your forehead touching the ground in sajda

2. You must remove the word, upset from your dictionary.
لا بد ان تزيل كلمة زعلان من القاموس.

3. The right reply for the idiot, is not to reply.
جواب الأحمق السكوت.

4. First thing the mureed must leave is, why and no.
اول شئ لابد ان يترك المريد، لما و لا.

5. Tariqa is, to tolerate and carry opposition.
الطريقة تحمل الاضاض.

6. The highest honor for mankind is in servanthood.
اشرف لباس لبني آدم، لباس العبودية.

7. The best arrangement is, not to arrange.
افضل التدبير عدم التدبير.

8. Evil actions and deception will only harm its doer.
ولا يحيق المكر السئ الا بأهله.

9. Don’t keep hatred or grudges in your heart, for it will turn in to a dark spot that can grow to a dangerous disease.

10. Don’t kill animals or insects without a real reason.

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