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The Sheikh Nazim Sufi Centre is the European headquarters for Maulana Shaykh Muhammad Adil ar-Rabbani (the blessed inheritor of Maulana Shaykh Nazim (QS)). It is a place for worship, meditation, education and sohbah. There are weekly zikr gatherings where everyone is welcome.

Shaykh Nazim (QS) said that Grandsheikh Abdullah al-Faiz ad-Dagestani (QS) said, ”if an awliya stays more than 40 days in one place they leave a spiritual body, always making zikr and seeing who is coming and going“.


The Sheikh Nazim Sufi Centre

The Sheikh Nazim Sufi Centre is situated in the old St Mary’s Priory. It was a Roman Catholic convent established in 1871 (the building was extended with an eastern wing in 1906).  Shaykh Nazim (QS) lived next door in their house in the late 1980’s until St.Ann’s Priory was bought and refurbished into the Dergah approx 1990-1991.

The Sufi Centre is now home to Shaykh Muhammad when they are visiting and touring in the UK.


The Premises

The premises are divided as follows;

  • The Priory: is home to the mosque, a canteen, classrooms, admin offices and community halls. There is a primary school located on the first floor
  • Accommodation: A residential block comprising of 8 separate flats
  • Private residence: Accommodation for the current Managing Director Hajji Osman Cikikcioglu, who lives at the premises. Hajji Osman runs the Sheikh Nazim Sufi Centre and has done since 1997
  • Gardens: 2 acres of land currently used for all visitors
  • Farm: The Centre is home to a small chicken and bird farm and a carpentry workshop


Charitable Trust

The Sheikh Nazim Sufi Centre is a registered charity N0: 1041754. It is known as The Sheikh Nazim Sufi Trust

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