The Secret of The Miraculous Mihraj

Short Sobeth of Sultan ul Awliya GrandSheikh Sheikh Muhammad Nazim Adil Al-Haqqani (Q.S) (R.A), Sri Lanka

Bismillahi r-Rahmani r-Raheem

It was not prayer time Prophet (SAW) was at least praying two Rakats of Sunnah. But today most of the people have lost this practice. For Rasulullah (SAW) was saying

“Man Ahya Sunnathl Indaka Sabi ummathi Fala hu alhumin ajrin saheed”


for those who are keeping to the Sunnah of the Prophet (SAW) during this hard period, when all the others are going after their own desire and trying to make Islam according to their own desire and trying to make Islam according to their own opinions. Rasullah (SAW) is promising them rewards of martyrs.

In our days people are getting prouder thinking that they have understood Islam, but their understanding is wrong. They think that it is so easy to read Holy Quran and Holy Hadith and understand. Even if I tell them to read, they are not even able to understand that. Then what about Ummul Kitab, Quran –e-Karim which are the Holy words of Allah Almighty. It is only one book and from this book millions of books have been written (the source of these books is the Holy Quran.

I do not know whether in Sri Lanka there are old books in your Libraries but at the time of Ottoman empire and the time of Abbasid Empire there were many old books which were destroyed. Now even in Egypt,in Baghdad and even in Hijaz so many thousands of books have been destroyed. When the Wahabi revolution came to Hijaz (Arabia) they destroyed thousands of books and the soldiers made shoes from the covers of leather.

They did this because they said that books on tariqat and tassawuf (Sufisim) were not good. They took these books out of the libraries in thousands, away from Medina and Makkah. There are now over one hundred thousand books which are very rare in the British Museum library which were stolen and sold. But yet in Turkey, Egypt, Damascus, Aleppo, Baghdad, Yemen and in Magrib there are millions of books.

Were all these books written before or after the advent of Islam? What do you say? Were these books written after the Quran Shareef or before it. The Quran which is Ummul Kitab (Mother of books), is the main source for every type of knowledge.

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